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  • Step : 1

    Click here to download driver for Topaz Signature Pad. Double-click on the downloaded .EXE file.

  • Step : 2

    Welcome screen opens. Click on Next.

  • Step : 3

    Select Group T-S and click on OK.

  • Step : 4

    Select Model T-S460 and click on OK.

  • Step : 5

    Select Connection Type HSB (USB type) and click on OK.

  • Step : 6

    Click Agree to accept the License agreement.

  • Step : 7

    The installation process for the Setup Wizard starts. Wait for the process to complete.

  • Step : 8

    The SigWeb Setup Wizard opens. Click on Next.

  • Step : 9

    Click on Next.

  • Step : 10

    Click on Next to start the installation.

  • Step : 11

    Click on Close after installation is completed.

  • Step : 12

    Click on Finish to exit installation.

  • Step : 13

    Installation completed and signature pad is ready to use. Click here to test the device in the browser.

  • Step : 1

    Select the patient name from the 'Search Patient' page and go to the Patient Chart.

  • Step : 2

    Go to the Basic Patient Details page and click on 'Edit' button.

  • Step : 3

    Click on the 'Delete' button when it is enabled. The 'Delete Confirmation' modal opens.

  • Step : 4

    In the modal, select the 'Are you sure you want to delete patient record' check-box. This enables the 'Delete Patient' button.

  • Step : 5

    Click on the 'Delete Patient' button and the patient is deleted successfully. The page redirects to 'Search Patient'.

This application is not optimized for smaller devices. Please use a device with a resolution of 1024 pixels and above.

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